Loss on Sale of Lube


While entering the Slip/Indent entry at times it is required to know, if there is no loss on sale of lube or fuel. ArtRMPP, now shows the alert for any loss on sale of every item that is being sold so as to correct the selling price or at-least have knowledge on loss that will be incurred. At the time of saving transaction also the ArtRMPP will show warning on loss that will be incurred if transaction is saved. However, user can change the selling price to minimize the loss or abandon the transaction altogether. If out of lets say three items in the bill say there is a loss in two items as given below but profit in one item will be calculated and will be notified of actual loss on bill

1. MAK 2T 5L -1200
2. ULP +200
3. MAK ELITE 1L -100

Will give the total loss of Rs.1100/-

Delete Fuel Item Pricing
Now it is possible to delete a particular Fuel Item pricing entry for a particular item for a given date. If user finds that there are wrong fuel item pricing entered in the system and would like to correct then it is now possible to remove the wrong fuel item pricing entry. Also you can search the Fuel Item Pricing for a particular item or for the particular date for all the item and so on.

Just double click on the Item for which the Item Pricing entry is to be removed and then click on the delete button to delete the entry.


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