Pump-boy/Salesman/Cashier-wise Sales and Collection.

Software updated to capture the salesman/cashier/pump-boy information for the following modules:

a) Credit Sales

b) Cash Sales

c) Credit Card Sales

d) Petro-card Sales

e) Cash Expenses and Cash Receipt

This feature is available by switching on the option by checking on the check-box -> Allow to Enter Salesman details for Sale/Cash  in

Administration->Configuration Screen->General Tab

Configure Software to Enter Salesman-wise, pump-boy wise sale/expenses

Turn on Salesman-wise, pump-boy wise sale/expenses

By turning on option, it will now allow to accept salesman, pump-boy, cashier name in the above modules  as shown in the following screen.

Pump-boy entry shown with Arrow in Credit Sales Module

Credit Sales Entry Screen

Same way you will find the Cashier name selection in voucher for Cash Receipt and Cash Payment – Expense vouchers.

Meter Reading module is also updated to Select pump-boy for the nozzle sale.

Various new reports will be provided to get cashier-wise / pump-boy wise details. Daily Shift Report (cashier / pump-boy wise / salesman wise).

The above was so far available in the system by keying in the salesman wise information in Meter Reading form <Denomination> button to key-in above sales information in the datagrid for the selected salesman/cashier/pump-boy. Also you could enter the cash receipt and payment in <Sales Summary> tab and enter in Cash Collection depsited with cashier/office with Denomination of notes and count as shown in image below:

Pump-boy / Cashier wise Sales Entry Module

Manual Salesman-wise Sales Entry Module

The advantage of manual entry for salesman meter reading / sales is you can enter two different sales man for the same nozzle in the same shift, which otherwise is not possible as unique salesman is assigned for meter reading for the given shift.

Note the <Fetch Data> button in the above image, Pressing this button will  fetch the data from the transaction for the salesman during the shift and refresh the figures in the Sales Summary Tab.


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