The Art of Retail Management for Petrol-pump

STEPS TO USE THE SOFTWARE: Just follow the User’s Manual to create the following masters.

  1. Create Shift(s)
  2. Create Tanks, Location and Warehouse
  3. Create Supplier /Vendor
  4. Create Items / Products
  5. Create Nozzles (Select the Item being dispense through the nozzle and assign the tank & pump to the nozzle.)
  6. Enter Calibration Chart for the Tank or Import from Excel Sheet.
  7. Create Banks
  8. Create Petro Card, Cerdit Card, Card Machine Master
  9. Create Customers
  10. Enter Opening Stock


Entries to be entered on Daily basis in the Chronology Order as given here:

  1. Enter Purchase for the Day
  2. Enter Meter Reading
  3. Enter Credit Slips.
  4. Enter Cash Slips (Lube/Oil Sales)
  5. Enter Petro-Card and Credit-Card Sales
  6. Check Accuracy of data through following reports
    1. Reports->Petrol Pump->Daily Shift Analysis
    2. Reports->Petrol Pump->Slip Transaction Checklist
    3. Reports-> Petrol Pump->Daily MIS
  7. Enter Dip Stock
  8. Auto Cash Entry
  9. Voucher Entry
  10. Check Report->Petrol Pump->Daily Shift Analysis



6 Responses

  1. This software is really worth investing.
    There are many features wihich are helpfull in day to day petrol pump work.
    whether its an accounting work or sales or purchase or anything related to petrol pump management, it gives us full user friendly interface to do it smoothly.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Will appreciate if you can give your testimonial by clicking on testimonial link on top right side bar and your opinion for rating of the product as given in bottom right of the side bar.


  2. i tried my level best for downloading software but could not happen.

  3. I need this software what is price of this software.

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