Comprehensive Service Management

Along with fuel dispensing many petrol-pumps also provide value addes services to customers for repairs and regular servicing to keep vehicle in good health.

As such, Quicksoft, petrol-pump software already has module to enter Credit and Cash Services through slip/coupon/indent entry and generate separate Service Bill or club the same with regular credit invoice.

In fact, servicing vehicle is a major source of income at many outlets and if managed professionally can prove to be a major revenue generator as servicing gives quiet hefty margin as compared to very thin margin in selling fuel.

Quicksoft, plans to include Comprehensive Service Management module comprising of following activities.

  • Job Sheet Creation
  • Show the History of Servicing done in the past/previous servicing to confirm the course of action and service demands.
  • Estimation for Services requested
  • Keeping records of Accessories and Articles received with condition of the accessory along with vehicle and print it in the job sheet.
  • Suggest the necessary servicing, repairs and replacement required as observed during servicing. This can be a very good CRM feature as many vehicle owners would welcome such alerts which can avoid major repairs and expenditure in future and also increase the life of the vehicle.

Expected Time of Inclusion: 30/09/2010

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