Whats New

Introduced new features Whats New.

The New features Whats New is accessible from Menu Help->Whats New.

As the name suggests, Whats New pertains to what is new in the software or the new updates available in the software. Every time any changes or update in the software or fixing of bug in the software is now updated and uploaded on the blog, which can be viewed from the software by clicking on the whats new menu item.

So now, you can click on Whats new before downloading the software to check if any important changes/updates in the software useful for you, then you can download or continue using the same last version.

In fact, whats new takes you to in-built web browser now provided in the Quicksoft ArtRMPP software. So now, you don’t need to come out of the software to surf or visit any site or for google search, etc., When you click on whats new, it by default takes you to the https://artrmpp.wordpress.com a blog site created specifically to upload the changes in the petrol-pump software and notify existing customers of updates in the software, which otherwise was very difficult and time consuming to inform to all the customers. Informing all the customers would also be costly and highly time consuming if to be informed by calling each of them, even mailing would not reach to all the customers as people use multiple email accounts and so on.

In the browser, we have also provided the Bookmark Button button next to Go Button to save the url surfed by you just like add to favourite provided in Internet Explorer. Also you can goto any of your favourite site by clicking on the My favourite button in the tool bar. By default following sites are added in the My Fvourite

Also there is a Quicksoft Services logo/button provided to switch to http://www.quicksoftservices.com

Mass Mailing / Mail Merge
Now you can send mail to your customers, suppliers or employees the email from inside the software by clicking on the Utilities->Mail Merge menu item. In fact, in the previous version also the Mail Merge was working to send the email, but it was using the cumbersome MAPI protocol, the Mail API Protocol would use the Mail Outlook which was also slow and not very reliable to send the mail through vb application. So now, we have changed it to use built in CDO protocol to send the email.

Just Select the customer, suppliers or employees to whom you would like to send the email. Click on the particular customer for which the email address is already entered in the customer master. As soon as you click on the customer it would display the email address for the selected customer in the text box. Next enter the text you would like to send and select the attachment / file to be send as attachment and select text format for body text as HTML or Text format. You can also copy paste you HTML code in the body text area to send the text as HTML message.

Click on the Send Message to send the email.

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