New Reports and Modules.

Now you can see running total  for fuel items while entering the nozzle reading for fuel items, which earlier was possible only after seeing the Shift Analysis Report or MIS page. In the Meter Reading Entry Form there is a new toggle button at the bottom called / as shown in the image below:

Meter Summary

Show/Hide Item Sales Summary for Meter/Nozzle Sale Entered

Now you can also auto print the cash sale bill/receipt, which earlier required you to first save and then print/preview the last invoice. With New button now it first saves then automatically fires the receipt to the printer, one must make sure that the printer is turned on.


Incorporated two new Tax introduced by Indian Government called SWC – Swtchh Bharat Cess and KKC – Krishi Kalyan Cess applicable on service tax. This is applicable to the petrol-pump dealers charging Processing Fees or Account Handling Charges or Account Processing Charges, etc., on the Bill amount towards the credit facility given to the customers for bill payment as a normal practice in Mumbai.


Configuration for SBC & KKC on Service Tax

With New version now you can print sales register as per meter reading with the nozzle-wise, Item-wise and Tank-wise sales reports for the selected period from Reports->Sales->Sales Register (Slips) as shown below:

Nozzle sales register

Meter Reading Sales Reports

Please find below the preview of the reports for your reference:

Nozzle Meter Sale Details

Nozzle-wise, Item-wise Sales Report Preview

Also added much needed reports for Credit Card sales as demanded by many customers…

Credit Card Report

Credit Card Sales Reports

Now you can enter the Cash Transfer by Cashier/DSM/Supervisor without the denomination but with date and time details and frequency / number of times cash transferred to tally the cash for the DSM, vis-a-vis the the fuel dispensed on credit/cc/pc basic. Please note that one can invoke this modules from Meter Reading form by clicking on the button on the Meter Reading Entry form.


Enter Cash Denomination Summary

Also please note that now it will correctly fetch the Receipt/Payment by DSM from the voucher for the selected shift and also correctly fetches all the Credit/CC/PC indent for the respective nozzles, which earlier used to duplicate, which user required to manually set to zero (0). Also now when you manually change the quantity the value automatically calculated as per the prevailing rate and similarly quantity would be automatically calculated if user enters the value for credit/cc/pc column. This has resulted in using the ArtRM software and this form practically to actually tally cash efficiently.

Monthly P&L: The much needed and required almost by every pump dealers to check the profitability and expenses incurred at every pump, which earlier used to take lot of time to process and required to select the period or click on many keys to find the profit or loss.

monthly pnl

Monthly Profit & Expenses Summary

The ArtRM, instantly processes and populates the Profit and Expenses details for every month and also allows to export the same to Excel.

Shift Report: Additional New Reports added in Reports->Petrolpump->Daily Shift Analysis->Day Analysis (Shifts-Clubbed) as shown below and also for the individual shifts in Shift-wise Report tab.

Shift Reports

Daily Shift Analysis Reports



Pump-boy/Salesman/Cashier-wise Sales and Collection.

Software updated to capture the salesman/cashier/pump-boy information for the following modules:

a) Credit Sales

b) Cash Sales

c) Credit Card Sales

d) Petro-card Sales

e) Cash Expenses and Cash Receipt

This feature is available by switching on the option by checking on the check-box -> Allow to Enter Salesman details for Sale/Cash  in

Administration->Configuration Screen->General Tab

Configure Software to Enter Salesman-wise, pump-boy wise sale/expenses

Turn on Salesman-wise, pump-boy wise sale/expenses

By turning on option, it will now allow to accept salesman, pump-boy, cashier name in the above modules  as shown in the following screen.

Pump-boy entry shown with Arrow in Credit Sales Module

Credit Sales Entry Screen

Same way you will find the Cashier name selection in voucher for Cash Receipt and Cash Payment – Expense vouchers.

Meter Reading module is also updated to Select pump-boy for the nozzle sale.

Various new reports will be provided to get cashier-wise / pump-boy wise details. Daily Shift Report (cashier / pump-boy wise / salesman wise).

The above was so far available in the system by keying in the salesman wise information in Meter Reading form <Denomination> button to key-in above sales information in the datagrid for the selected salesman/cashier/pump-boy. Also you could enter the cash receipt and payment in <Sales Summary> tab and enter in Cash Collection depsited with cashier/office with Denomination of notes and count as shown in image below:

Pump-boy / Cashier wise Sales Entry Module

Manual Salesman-wise Sales Entry Module

The advantage of manual entry for salesman meter reading / sales is you can enter two different sales man for the same nozzle in the same shift, which otherwise is not possible as unique salesman is assigned for meter reading for the given shift.

Note the <Fetch Data> button in the above image, Pressing this button will  fetch the data from the transaction for the salesman during the shift and refresh the figures in the Sales Summary Tab.

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