Quicksoft PetrolPump Software Updated – Version 2.1.49

Version 2.1.49
Date Updated: 14th June, 2012

All Daily Transaction can now be exported to Excel.

Reports->Petrolpump->Daily MIS: All Petrol-pumps maintain their daily transactions on piece of paper or excel sheet, therefore we thought of providing them with the data on excel sheet so that they can easily verify the details and keep record of shift data in excel also.

Daily MIS

Daily Entries

You can now select particular shift and export all the transaction mentioned below for the chosen shift

a) Meter Reading

b) Credit Sales Slip Details with Vehicle Details

c) Credit Card Sales

d) Petrol Card Sales

e) Credit Service (Fuel) Sales

f) Cash Sales (Fuel)

g) Cash Sales (Non-Fuel)

h) Credit Sales (Non- Fuel)

i) Credit Card / Petro Card Sales (Non-Fuel)

j) Credit Service Non-Fuel

k) Cash Receipt

l) Cash Payments

m) Purchase

n) Dip Entry for the Shift.

2.Bank Reconcilliation

can now be Printed without Clicking the Update Button. Now you can edit or delete the Uncleared cheques of the last year.

3. Purchase->Fuel Item Pricing

can now simply be Edited by Pressing Enter Key on the Last Column (Current Sell Price) . If Item Pricing for the Selected Date is already existing then system will just update the price and if the pricing does not exist for the chosen date then it will create the entry for the selected date. It will also warn you if you do not save before exiting.

4. Letter Head Printing:

Report->Sales->Customer Details (CRM)-> Misc Tab now allows you to print the Letter Head for the stationery chosen by user. Report file(s) needs to be sourced from quicksoft.

5. Cheque Printing:

Reports->Accounts->Voucher/Cheque Printing: Now you can print the Cheques as per your cheque size by clicking on Cheque Printing Tab on the form and select the date range and click on the transaction to print the cheque. You can simply key in the information for

a) Name of the Party

b) Cheque Amount  and

c) Cheque Date

Click on Print Preview Button to print the Cheque. Report to be sourced from quicksoft.

6. Meter Reading

is now Changed / Resized so as to not scroll and resize the columns which was earlier required. Also now you don’t need to use Mouse to use this module as it automatically positions to the Meter Closing/End.

7. Vehicle Master

was not opening, bug now fixed.

8. Customer Master:

New Account Number now automatically assigned to new customer and Mandatory field phone number is now brought on top frame so that user no longer need to press several Tab or Enter key to reach the phone number field. Just Enter the Name, Phone Number and press Alt-S to save the data.

9. Customer A/c Opening Form:

Customer Details Tab New button is provided to print the contract for credit custoemrs. Just click on “Credit A/c Contract” button to print the A/c opening form for credit customer.  Report to be sourced from quicksoft


Meter Reading Before and After Decanting.

Meter Reading for the Load.

Stock Inward with Load Reading Button

Purchase Entry Form with Load Reading Button

New Button <Load Reading> introduced in Stock-In entry form as shown above to call new form for recording meter reading and Dip entry before and after decanting of loads. Software also alerts users to enter Load Reading on click of <Save> Button for Stock-In. When user chooses to record the Load Reading it will open the new form as shown below:


Dip Reading for the Selected Load

Dip Reading for the Selected Load


All user has to do is select the Gan (Goods Acceptance Note) number for the load of the day to select the load for which he/she wishes to enter the Dip and Meter Reading before and after decanting of load as shown in the above and below given image. Please note the Dip entry in above image. It allows user to enter the Dip in CM (Centimeter) as in the dip stock entry form and automatically get the Volume / Dip Stock from the Calibration Chart. Also note that as soon as you enter the Dip in CM for Opening Dip before decanting and Dip after decanting, it shows the variation if any as shown in above image.


Meter Reading before decanting of load

Meter Reading before decanting of load


Please note that Meter Reading before decanting of next load and Closing Dip Entry before decanting of the next load is automatically retrieved from the next load entry if recorded. One can freely Select the load for which he/she wishes to record the reading and save them and switch from Next load to previous load to edit/update/refresh the reading from the next load. All user has to do is just delete the next load data and press enter to refresh the reading from the next load.  Also please note that user has to enter Testing manually (for now) which will be automatically retrieved from between the meter reading of the shifts.


View / Print Loads to generate Report

View / Print Loads to generate Report


Just click on View/Print tab to view the load reading saved for different load/shifts. Just click on the Gan_No / Gan_Date of the load for which you wish the report to be generated. As soon as you click on the row, it will highlight in red as shown in the image above. Just click on the Print Preview button to generate the report as shown in the image below:


Stock Variation Gain/Loss between the Load

Stock Variation Gain/Loss between the Load

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