Tax Invoice for Lube/Oil Sale


At many petrol-pump outlets the Oil/Lube is sold in bulk or wholesale unlike the retail sale of oil. In such case it is required to issue Tax Invoice.

Quicksoft ArtRMPP now takes care of Tax Invoice generation. To be able to generate tax invoice and not disturb regular invoice as most users do not need tax invoice, we have provided this feature in
Administration->Configuration Screen->Invoice Tab.

You simply need to enable Tax Invoice by checking on the “Allow me to generate Tax Invoice by selecting Invoice type in Slip Entry” check-box. By Checking on the Check-box when you goto slip entry through credit slip or credit slip cum invoice option, it will now display the Invoice type frame above the save button for every transaction with default set to “Regular Invoice”, if you want the invoice being generated to be “Tax Invoice” then you need to select the Tax Invoice Radio Button. So when you print the invoice it will use the Tax Invoice file name specified in the Configuration Screen.


Now you don’t need to goto Invoice form to edit/delete the “Slip Cum Invoice”, you simply need to click on “Slip Details” tab and select the Invoice you wish to edit/delete. Earlier version did not display the invoice generated in slip details. Please note that this feature is available only for Slip Cum Invoice i.e. Invoice generated for the slip right through slip entry form or invoice generated for the slip on the same day unlike Invoice generated for slips through invoice form.

Also lease note that Credit Slip Entry form will still not show the invoice generated as they are supposed to be edited/deleted through Invoice form. Slip Details tab will show only the slips for which the invoice is not generated. The slips get locked for which the invoices have been generated.

Department-wise billing: Now you can also generate Multiple Invoice for different departments for the same account/customer/party. All you need to do is while defining the vehicles for the customer you have to specify the department code/name for the vehicle for which it belongs to and also specify “Department-wise billing” as “Yes” in the customer master so as to generate different bills for the same account as the same customer would be making payment for all the departments.

Vehicle-wise Subtotal: If there are multiple vehicles for the customer and if customer wishes the single invoice to be generated for the multiple-vehicles but wants the subtotal to be printed for different vehicles then you just have to specify “Vehicle-wise Subtotal” as “Yes”. Otherwise it will print the Slip-Date/Slip No wise printing and not the vehicle-wise.

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