Demonstration of Transactions Modules in Hindi

Once the masters created after Installing the Quicksoft ArtRMPP for petrolpump, it is important to navigate users and guide through work flow. This youtube video clip guides users through the daily transactions that happens on the petrol-pump. This is done in the form of Dashboard or Control panel with shortcut to every transactions to be entered on daily basis in chronology order.

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Ledger code can now be Edited/Updated!

Version 2.1.55

Since, quicksoft ArtRMPP – petrolpump management software is creating separate database for each year, at times there are issues relating to ledger synchronization and this feature update is to handle that issue.  There are pros and cons of having separate database file for different accounting years. With separate database for each accounting year there is a safety of data, it is also faster to work on less amount of data for the chosen year as compared to several years data to be queried. From statutory point of view also it is advisable to not allow to edit/update balances or stock after the finalization of balance sheet and so on.

However, when new year gets created ArtRMPP software allows to transfer all the ledger and item stocks to new year on 31st March or 1st April of next year so that one can start working in the new year immediately and avoid back-log. By practice, the provisional trial balance is carried forward to new year on 1st April as some expense voucher, journal entries and adjustment entries are being posted at a later date, even some provisional and outstanding entries are required to be posted over a period of time.

So far, it was not possible to assign code to ledger by users as it was protected and automatically assigned by system.  But because new ledgers are created in new financial year as well as previous financial year, which lead to descripancy.

We will explain above with an example: Let’s say accounting year (1-4-2011 – 1-4-2012) had 235 ledgers, which when carried forward to (1-4-2012  to 31-03-2013)  all the 235 ledger gets carried forward and if there are no new ledger codes created in either of year then there is no problem in again carrying forward closing balance from previous years database, which is possible through Administration->Update Oepning Balance from Previous Year (closing balance) option.

The problem was when in the new year say a New customer ABC is created, which automatically get 236 ledger code assigned and similarly in previous year say a ledger required to be created say OUTSTANDING EXPENSES… which also get ledger code 236, so when user updates opening balance from previous year the wrong balances get carried forward for ledger code 236 as ledger ABC would have balance of OUTSTANDING EXPENSES… With Version (2.1.55) you can now create new ledger with ledger code of your choice and even edit the existing code to new ledger code of your choice and system will change ledger code for any existing data in the system as shown below:

ledger code validation

ledger code validation

In fact, user need not worry about new ledger code, as system automatically assigns new available ledger code as earlier, but simply allows user to edit/change which earlier was not available.

Ideally, in the New Financial Year, one should create just one ledger with value 1001 instead of 236 as the first new ledger to be created and after that all new ledgers will be created with ledger code 1002, 1003, 1004… and so on. So, when you update opening balance from previous year all the new ledgers created in previous year 236,237,238… will automatically get transferred correctly without any problem.

Installation Procedure Clip on Youtube.

Quicksoft Petrol-pump Software Installation Procedure on Youtube.

The most frequently asked question is, How do I Install the petrol-pump software on my pc and where can I get the software from?

For those who is interested in watching the clip/movie rather than going through the detailed instructions (text), here is installation procedure on youtube in a very simple and easy to understand language.

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Installation Procedure.

Installation Procedure for ArtRM for Petrol Pump:

If you have a Installation CD of the ArtRMPP software then just insert the CD in CD Drive and locate the Package Folder. Open Package folder by double clicking. Inside the Package folder Setup application (setup.exe) is available. Just double click on Setup.exe to start installation of the Software and follow the instruction as given below:

If you do not have the Quicksoft Software Installation CD then you may Download all the zip files as shown below from the Quicksoft website page :

a) Setup

b) Software

c) Rreports

d) Users Manual

in a New Folder on Desktop.

Select the Zip file from which you wish to extract file

Click Right Mouse Button on the selected zip file

and Extract the File by clicking the “Extract to here” as shown below:

How to Extract file from Zip file

Extract File

Extract the Setup.exe from the and execute the setup file by

  1. Double Clicking On the “Setup.Exe”

and The Installation Will  Start . . . . .

File Copy Status

File Copy Status

2. Please wait for few minutes, while it is copying the necessary files…

3. Select OK To Proceed Further.

Confirm Installation

Confirm Installation

When you Press OK in the above screen, The Following Screen will appear. This is to allow you to Install the software at the location other than default location. In Case, when the User wish to change the Path then he/she can do so by Clicking On the Change Directory Button. To Continue setup Press the Computer Icon / Setup button displayed on the top-left corner of the screen to proceed.

Specify Installation Directory

Specify Installation Directory

8.  Then Following screen will appear to allow you to select the Program Group under which the shortcut is to be created or create new program group. Press Continue For Further Installation.

Quicksoft Program Group

Quicksoft Program Group

9. Click “Yes” button whenever you are asked to confirm “Do you want to keep the File?” or similar message as shown in below given screen.

Version Conflict - Keep File

Version Conflict - Keep File

On some PC’s, you will be asked to confirm for about 8-10 times.

9. At any stage of Installation, if you see any message like problems registering file with the computer (for e.g. MSADO21.TLB), as shown below then just Ignore them to continue the Installation. On Clicking Abort Button Installation Will be aborted, Retry Button if Clicked, will Again try to register the same file again, and if it fails again, the same message will Appear On The Screen Again, Therefore it is suggested to Click On Ignore to Proceed Further.

Ignore the Error
Ignore the Error

10. At the end the software will display the message “Installation Completed Successfully!” if the installation is completely successful.

Reports: –

Steps to install Reports

Step 1: – Copy the file to the ArtRM Folder.

The folder where you have installed the software

E.g. By default Path: – “C:\Program Files\ArtRm”

Then extract the file as shown below:

Extract Reports

Extract Reports

Extracting by Clicking on Extract to here will extract all the “.rpt” (report) files into the Reports Folder. Which means it will first create the Reports folder and then extract all the “.rpt” files in the Reports folder.

After copying the Report files only, you will be able to view Reports.

Please note that we frequently update the Software for incorporating the new updates and new features.

Users are advised to regularly visit the page and check for availability of new updates. The download page displayed the date of update as shown below:

Software Update

Software Update

To Update the software to newer version, all you need to do is just download the Software by downloading the Software ( 3.77MB as shown above.

After downloading the (software), extract the ArtRM.exe file and  just Replace it with the existing version in C:\Program Files\ArtRM folder.

Before downloading the updated version of the software from the website, always make sure, you rename the existing version of the software in use to some different name than ArtRM.exe. This is very important because, in the event of partial file download or download fails due to crc check-error or any other reason, if by chance you overwrite the new version with corrupted copy then you will loose the working copy, therefore it is always advised to first rename the working copy or move it to the safe place to restore it back in the event of download copy not usable.

As such, we make sure that the uploaded copy is free of bug, but if by chance the new copy is having bug and you overwrite by mistake then you need to continue working with previous version and therefore it is always advisable to have last working copy in safe place.

Installation creates the Short-cut of the Software in Programs Menu

Click on Start->Programs->Quicksoft->ArtRMPP to start the software


Start Software by Clicking on the ArtRM.exe in C:\Program Files\ArtRM folder.

Create Short-cut on Desktop

Locate the ArtRM.exe in C:\Program Files\ArtRM Folder, right-click on the ArtRM.exe and Send to Desktop to create the shortcut of the ArtRM application on your desktop.

The Default username and password is as follows:

username: admin

password: sa       (case sensitive, small letters)

You may change the default password “sa” by clicking on the “Change Password” in Administration Menu.


It is strongly recommended to take back-up of the existing working software version before replacing the downloaded version, because it is quite possible that after replacing the new version, if due to download error or CRC error writing the file or due to any reason if the new version does not work then you can always continue working by restoring back the last working copy of software version (which is possible only if you have taken the back-up)

If disk space is not a constraint then it is strongly advised to set back-option to Advanced in the Administration->Configuration Screen so as to take back-up of every session. With Advanced Back-up option, software takes back-up of every session with date and time stamp added in the  file name. The Back-up file is created in the Backup->Year->Month->Date (Date folder inside the Month folder inside the year folder). The Advantage of advanced backup option is allowing user to create different restore points and also UNDO the last bulk invoice generation, deletion or data-entry in the given session by restoring the database of particular restore point.

In fact, we strongly recommend to take back-up of entire ArtRM folder on CD, every month and Back-up of Database on daily basis to Pen-Drive or CD-Drive.

Downloading Reports:

Similarly, you can also download the for new updated reports. Again make sure you take back-up of your reports folder, because it may be possible that we might change reports to suit your requirement, or our engineer might have done some changes to reports on-site at your office and if you download the reports from the net it may so happen that those changes which were done specifically for you may get overwritten with the download, therefore it is strongly recommended to take back-up of Reports folder also.

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